Instructors’ Sharing

Let Children Grow by Self-learning
Ms Ng

Q: Throughout the past 15 years, you have been a Kumon instructor and nurtured a lot of children. What does this job mean to you?

A: To see students’ change. Some students were not quite enthusiastic in learning Kumon in the early stage of enrollment. Following with the enhancement of their thinking skills and learning ability, they became energetic and positive in daily life. I am always touched by the growth of children. Moreover, there are lots of opportunities to learn among Kumon instructors, that helps me in personal growth as well. This is also very meaningful to me.

Q: Which part of Kumon do you like best?

A: The concept of “self-learning” in Kumon. I enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes from self-learning and mastering something on my own, and I do not like to be taught by others. When children study Kumon continuously, they will learn beyond their current school grades. By thinking and learning those new contents on their own, they will become stronger.

Q. When you instruct students, what things do you pay attention specifically?

A: Kumon students come from different ages; it is essential to enable every student to learn by themselves. Therefore, I always remind myself to let my students ponder by themselves and gain a sense of achievement. Abandoning all preconceptions, I put myself in their shoes, I would think carefully which worksheets would be appropriate for them, and it is a very interesting process to me as well.

Q: What is your aspiration?

A: I hope that I will leave no regrets for every student and every instruction in center. With timely and necessary instruction given to every student, they can keep learning in the long run. By increasing academic ability through continuous learning, I hope my students can experience the true value of Kumon.


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Ms Zhu

It was not until attending the instructors’ conference in Japan then I realized there are so many Kumon instructors in the world. I feel more powerful now.

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Ms Zhong

I think Kumon instructors treasure every student. They put themselves in students’ shoes and make the right study plan for them.

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