Instructors’ Sharing

Continual Learning and Courage to Explore and Reflect
Ms Li

Overcoming obstacles and climbing mountains is often rewarded with breathtaking beauty. Ms Li’s fascinating Kumon journey began as a part-time assistant at university. At that time, she found that Kumon students were already going above and beyond at a young age, and were able to complete worksheets beyond the school year with ease. Since joining Kumon, Ms Li has held various positions, including instructor of company-owned centre and person Field Development officer, and has gained a lot of knowledge and skills in guiding students and running centres, which has helped her to accumulate valuable experience in running education centres in the future. She has gained a lot of knowledge and skills in coaching students and running centres, and has gained valuable experience in running education centres in the future. Kumon’s philosophy of going above and beyond and taking on challenges is in line with Ms Li’s approach to life. She loves children and feels that it would be more satisfying for her to be an instructor to student. Therefore, in 2020, she made the bravest decision in her life and joined Kumon as an instructor, determined to overcome all the difficulties and go to the forefront, just to witness the growth of the children, hoping that they would become successful one day.

Challenges and Opportunities

When Ms Li opened the centre, the epidemic was very serious, Ms Li remained optimistic and positive, believing that there are opportunities in times of crisis. She is fortunate to have the support of her family and friends, and is grateful to the Field Development Officer appointed by the company, who has been a great motivation for her to keep moving forward: “We have a good connection, she understands my worries, analyses the situation with me and encourages me to persevere and grow. She also helped me with the company’s promotional activities, set up the centre together, and helped me simplify my operations with smart technology. With the full support of the company team, Ms Li has been able to conquer every obstacle and move towards higher goals.

Climbing to the Top Every Day, Never Getting Complacent

Kumon is committed to fostering an attitude of lifelong learning in children, and this learning culture has also influenced Ms Li: “The situation of students changes every few years, so instructors need to keep learning, explore and reflect, keep up with the results, and improve their instruction and communication skills in order to keep up. In this day and age, with the rapid advancement of smart technology and the increasing popularity of online learning, there is still a lot of work to be done to find out how to balance it with the physical lesson to achieve better learning outcomes.” There is always room for learning and improvement in life. Ms Li has never been complacent, and her passion for education has always been an inspiration to her assistants, parents and students. We believe that under Ms Li’s direction, the Education Centre will be able to move forward, go further and climb higher towards the common goal.


Other Instructors’ Sharings

Ms Zhu

It was not until attending the instructors’ conference in Japan then I realized there are so many Kumon instructors in the world. I feel more powerful now.

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Ms Zhong

I think Kumon instructors treasure every student. They put themselves in students’ shoes and make the right study plan for them.

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