Kumon Connect

Connecting the World, Pioneering the Future

With technology changing rapidly, Kumon, which has relied on paper and pencil for over 60 years, has recently undergone a metamorphosis and entered a new phase of “Kumon Connect”.

With the aim of developing potential and tailoring education to the children, what are the features of Kumon’s e-learning and what difference will it make to the experience?

The Kumon Connect has been developed with the aim of individualised learning and has retained Kumon’s time-honoured features.

Unique Features

Compared to other e-learning, Kumon Connect has the following unique features:

Electronic and More Individualised, Kumon Instructors are There to Accompany You

More than 60 Years of Experience Made Perfect by Digital Learning

At the same time, the data platform used by the instructors has been improved so that students’ learning can be reviewed at any time.

These records and analyses help Kumon instructor to evaluate the learning status of their students, so that they can schedule their students’ progress with sufficient data and make timely adjustments to their earlier progress estimates when necessary, which is in line with the Kumon philosophy of ” Individualized Instruction”.

The launch and development of Kumon Connect will definitely bring a new look to Kumon learning. It will meet the needs of students and parents, and also help Kumon instructors to deliver “just right” learning. It can be a sharp eye that observes the student at all times, or a clever brain that combines all the data to gauge the student’s learning status.

Imagine your child’s delight at receiving timely encouragement from an instructor when they are working hard on worksheets at home. With the data recorded in the Kumon Connect, the instructor’s guidance will be more relevant to each child’s needs, communication will be more timely and the child’s learning progress will be smoother!

Parents who are interested in learning Kumon by tablets can contact us or the nearest Kumon Education Centre for more information.

For reference, the following tablet models are available for the Kumon Connect.

The brand name “KUMON CONNECT” communicates that learning KUMON through tablets is more than a digital education system. “CONNECT” intents to foster more profound relationships between the Kumon Instructor, children, and parents.
By combining the original KUMON logo with the new CONNECT logo, we have expressed the evolution of the service while inheriting KUMON’s value. The overlapping of the two “O”s reinforces the connection between Kumon Instructor and the children with an extra human touch.

Also, we use KUMON Blue and KUMON Orange to express KUMON CONNECT’s brand universe. KUMON Orange brings the brand warmth even over tablet devices. KUMON Orange is also an expression of mother earth. Using the color together with KUMON Blue, the sky that connects the world, we want to emphasize our aspiration to support every child to realize their full potential on a global scale.