I want to be be a Kumon student

How to enroll

Contact a nearby Centre

Choose a nearby Kumon education center and make a reservation for Parents’ Orientation to know more about the Kumon Method.

Take the Diagnosis Test

Your child takes the Diagnostic Test. The instructor sets the appropriate starting point and project the study progress for your child.


Complete registration and let your child start studying Kumon

Study in centre

01 Submit Homework

  • Enter the centre and greet the instructor
  • Take the worksheet folder and submit the homework

02 Classwork

  • Make corrections of the previous week’s homework (if any)
  • Concentrate and finish the classwork in one go (about 30 min/subject at the start)

03 Submit the Classwork

  • Submit the completed classwork through the “In” tray box with the record book

04 Make Corrections

  • Make corrections (if any) to the graded classwork until it is all correct

05 Oral Check/ Learn with Supplementary Learning Tools (if required)

  • Languages: Oral check with instructor, and practice flash cards if necessary
  • Math: Counting, practice with the magnetic number board or the multiplication table etc.

06 Receive instructor’s feedback on class performance; understand the expectation and the content of the newly assigned homework

07 Leave the Center

  • Collect the newly assigned homework
  • Study daily homework with concentration as in class

Frequently Asked Questions

Children who are 3 year-old or above can start learning Kumon.

Kumon’s learning contents cover from kindergarten level to high-school level. Kindergartners, elementary school and high school student can learn with Kumon. With over 60 years of experience in education, we found that the sooner children begin, the easier they can build a good learning habit and be well-prepared for the future study. Therefore, we suggest parents have their children enrolled in Kumon when they reach the age of three.

Through daily study of Kumon worksheets, which are designed with step-by-step approach and easy to learn, children can develop good learning habit, work skills, concentration skills and establish a solid academic foundation.

Children can develop self-learning ability through studying examples on their own with instructor’s necessary guidance. Self-learning ability enables children to solve problems by themselves. The positive learning attitude gained is important for their future growth and development.

Throughout the learning process, besides enhancing learning ability, children can also build up a challenging spirit, proactive learning attitude and confidence, which drives them towards their goals and dreams.

Your child needs to go to center every week to allow instructor understand his/her learning pace, so that the instructor can arrange appropriate worksheets for your child to study at home. Since the starting point and ability are vary among students, the duration of stay in center a different for every student. In general, it takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete the study flow per class per subject.

The objective of arranging repetition is to consolidate children’s academic ability. With a solid foundation, it will be easier for them to learn more advanced contents.

The repetition that Kumon advocates emphasizes the consolidation of academic ability. At the initial stage in Kumon, the goal is to train students to master what they think easy or what they think they have already understood. It ensures that students have a sound foundation and are able to apply what they have learned.

In Kumon education center, you may see students change from calculating by fingers to mental calculation. Actually, during the process of repetition students will suddenly “become able to do it”. However, from an outsider’s point of view, the student may just seem repeating the same content. However, this is actually the stage before the student finally masters the knowledge, like a butterfly emerges in its full splendor from its cocoon.

Kumon worksheets are different from the exercises available in the market. Study worksheets in sequence will increase the level of mastery.

Through assessing student’s abilities, the instructor will arrange appropriate number of worksheets. Based on time and accuracy, the instructor evaluates whether repetition is necessary and give recommendations on improving on the child’s study.

In Kumon, the presence of the instructor allows your child to excel further. In other words, apart from the worksheets, Kumon study is brought alive by the instruction from the instructor. Only in this way, the benefits of the Kumon Method can be realized.

Online Enquiry

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