The Kumon Method

The Kumon Method was first established in Japan in 1958 and has developed over the past 60 years to become a worldwide phenomenon. Classes have been opened in over 60 countries and regions with over 3 million students. Kumon offers Maths, English and Chinese programmes in Hong Kong and Macau. More and more children are developing their potential through Kumon, equipping them to realise their dreams in the future.


Kumon is a learning method that aims to develop each child’s “potential”. Rather than teaching children how to solve problems directly, Kumon Method guides children to rely on their own strength to solve the worksheets, thus fostering in them a sense of self-assurance that “if they are willing to do it, they can do it” and a spirit of self-challenge that is unafraid to face new knowledge and new things.

The Strengths of Kumon Method

Individualized Instruction

The Kumon Method is a child-centred learning and an individualized learning method that allows each student to study at a comfortable level, regardless of age or school grade, and advance beyond his or her current school grade level.


The Kumon Method aims to develop children's self-learning ability, allowing them to explore new knowledge on their own. They think for themselves by observing examples in the worksheets and gradually improve their self-learning skills under the guidance of the instructor.

Small-Step Worksheets

Kumon worksheets are designed to take students from easy problems to difficult problems in very small steps. This enables each student to study at an appropriate level and advance smoothly through the programme.

Kumon Instructors

Kumon Instructors are committed to discovering the abilities of each child and realising their potential. They look closely at each child's learning ability, personality and his or her problem-solving skills to provide effective guidance so that each child can study at a “just right” level.

Kumon Worksheets

Kumon worksheets enable students to advance through self-learning.
We will demonstrate how this is accomplished by using the math worksheets as an example.

Five Features of Kumon’s Small-Step Worksheets

Kumon’s small-step worksheets enable all students to advance on their own.

Kumon’s small-step worksheets enable all students to advance on their own.
The Kumon math programme consists of 4,420 worksheets (the English version used in Hong Kong and Macau) from pre-school to senior secondary levels. The worksheets increase marginally in difficulty from worksheet to worksheet so that each student can find the most suitable worksheets for themselves, advance independently and make steady progress little by little.

Feature 1
Structured from the Easy to the Advanced

First, students begin with content that they can do easily. Through getting 100% on their own, children experience a sense of achievement, and increase their motivation to study.

Feature 2
Emphasis on recording completion times

Kumon math worksheets are carefully designed with questions that help children gradually master calculations, emphasizing completion time and accuracy, and developing fast and accurate calculation skills.

Feature 3
Keep Progress in Sight

The instructor develops a learning plan that best suits the child's needs based on their understanding and mastery of the content. With the combination of Kumon’s Small-Step Worksheets and the assistance of the instructors, children can build up their confidence and progress steadily.

Feature 4
Develop self-correcting skills

Kumon’s Small-Step Worksheets allow children to develop logical thinking by finding their own mistakes when making corrections. The instructor guides children to identify where they have made mistakes in their answers and only corrects the wrong parts.

Feature 5
Leading to Self-Learning by Examples

When children approach content that they have not studied before, they look at examples and try to use what they have learned to solve them. This approach of learning allows them to progress to higher levels through self-learning.

Kumon’s small-step worksheets enable all students to maximize their potential.

Kumon’s small-step worksheets range from pre-school to senior secondary school levels includes many other features. Each feature has been carefully designed to ensure that children are able to build their self-learning skills.

Through the Maths and Language worksheets, both “advanced academic skills” and “self-learning skills” are developed. The idea of Kumon worksheets is adopted throughout the world.

Kumon Educational Supplementary Learning Tools and Stationery

Child-Centred, Edutainment Tools Inspire Fun Learning

Since the launch of our first jigsaw puzzle series in 1984, we have been developing a wide range of edutainment toys and stationery to allow children to learn more happily. KUMON TOY developed the products with a “child-centered” approach and with the idea of enhancing children’s learning in Kumon education centres.

Kumon Magnetic Number Boards

Find out more:
How to play (Traditional Chinese version only)
Kumon Magnetic Number Board 1-30 Instructions (Both Traditional Chinese and English)
Kumon Magnetic Number Board 1-100 Instructions (Both Traditional Chinese and English)

Jigsaw Puzzles Series

Stationery Series

Specially Designed Writing Tools for kindergarteners

Kumon Triangular Wooden Pencils 

  • 3 main types (6B, 4B, and 2B), made of high-quality graphite and light Canadian wood
  • Designed to fit the small hands of kindergarteners; thicker core and barrel for easier grip and less breakage

2B Pencil (suitable for 4-6 years old)

Length 17x0.9cm: Suitable for writing complete sentences

4B Pencil  (Suitable for 3-5 years old):

Length 15x0.9cm: Suitable for practicing simple writing such as numbers  

6B Pencil (suitable for 2-4 years old)

Length 12.2x0.9cm: the color is relatively dark, which is suitable for children who have just started to learn how to write 

Kumon Triangular Pencil Grips

  • Suitable for kindergarteners who have just started to use pencil, to correct children's hand gestures
  • Suitable for both left and right hands
  • A set of two: rabbit and car

Kumon Triangular Pencil Sharpener

  • Designed for Kumon Triangular Wooden Pencil with thicker barrel