Instructors’ Sharing

The aim of education is to develop the potential of the child.
Ms Chan

The changes in students have made me appreciate the meaning of my work

Since becoming a Kumon instructor, I have come to understand the true philosophy and approach of the Kumon Method through various learning sessions and exchanges with other instructors. Discovering the potential of children in my 25 years of experience has become my desire to grow with them. This is very meaningful!

Six months ago, a girl in Primary 1 was enrolled in English. At that time, she could not read all 26 letters of the alphabet and failed the school exam. I arranged the learning content according to her ability and gave her appropriate guidance and encouragement. She has been listening to CDs and doing exercises every day and has gradually built up her confidence. Last week, the parents were happy to tell me that their child scored 80 points in the exam. The progress of students is the driving force behind my work.

Kumon Makes Children Even Better

Over the years, I have trained many children who have completed all the worksheets, the youngest of whom is in Primary 3. He was only 4.5 years old when he started Mathematics and started writing number exercises and completed all the worksheets (learned Calculus) in just 5 years. Apart from his perseverance in doing his homework every day and not giving up when he encountered a problem, the most important thing was that the instructor was able to understand the child’s ability through observation and allowed him/her to progress at the right pace during the Kumon learning.

In the centre, I always praise and encourage my students when I see what they can do and what they do well. I am also constantly thinking about how to give children the space to think for themselves and build their self-learning skills. Every child has unlimited potential, but it is not fully realised because of the school system. Kumon can give them the ground to realise their potential.

Working Closely with Parents to Achieve a Shared Vision

Observation and instruction in the centre is not always enough. Daily communication with parents is also important. This way, we can work together to develop a common vision for all aspects of children’s development. In addition to face-to-face meetings, I also communicate with parents about their child’s learning through telephone conversations and text messages so that I can have a better understanding of their child’s abilities and changes and provide appropriate instruction. On the other hand, it also enables parents to understand the concept of Kumon and to work together at home so that their children’s learning can achieve the desired results.


Other Instructors’ Sharings

Ms Zhu

It was not until attending the instructors’ conference in Japan then I realized there are so many Kumon instructors in the world. I feel more powerful now.

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Ms Zhong

I think Kumon instructors treasure every student. They put themselves in students’ shoes and make the right study plan for them.

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