Kumon English has developed my habit of checking grammar

Student Choi has completed the Kumon English programme. She said her English skills and average score in exams have improved, and most importantly, she has become more sensitive to wrong answers and is no longer careless. “In the past, I would not have noticed even if I made a mistake and thus lost marks due to carelessness. When I was working on the Kumon worksheets and when I made a grammar mistake, the instructor would let us discover our own mistake and correct it. After sometime, it makes me more careful and I will double-check my answers. It minimizes my mistakes to a great extent.

"It turns out that if you manage your emotions well, you can complete even the most difficult exercises."

Student Choi has completed the Kumon English programme. She shared that apart from improving her English language skills, the greatest achievement is that she has learnt to manage her emotions and improve her EQ: “I was once irritated as I could not find the answer. My instructor reminded me and encouraged me to stay calm, not to give up and to concentrate.” Kumon believes that children have the ability to solve their own problems, and Student Choi is a living proof: “When I have adjusted my emotions, I find that the problem is not as difficult as I thought. This feeling of satisfaction made me persevere and finish the final level.”


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