Get full marks in exams when you know more English vocabulary.

In the seven years since he started studying Kumon English in K1, Student Mo has gone from lacking confidence in English to regularly scoring 100 marks in exams. He believes that the huge change is due to Kumon , which has helped him master English grammar, improved his reading comprehension and, more importantly, expanded his vocabulary so that he has a stronger foundation to tackle the exam. “I think the most difficult part of the exam is ‘Fill in the blanks with any word(s)’. With a wide range of vocabulary, Student Mo is very comfortable in writing essays and is expected to do well in the school important exams.

"The more you study, the more time you have."

He was initially attracted to the subject because of the interesting pencil skills exercises. Later, when he studied English EFL and Mathematics further, he found the materials very challenging and was motivated to complete them every day. After finishing the English as a foreign language programme, he was still not satisfied and took the initiative to ask his mother to learn the English Reading Programme, hoping to make a further breakthrough in his English! Motivated to study two Kumon programmes, can he still have time for his school work? He shared: “It only takes 30-45 minutes a day to complete the two subjects of Kumon, and the years of Kumon learning have improved my problem solving skills, so I can finish my school work faster and make better use of my time. I can spend more time reading my favourite English books. It turns out that self-motivated learning is a great way to make more time!

Mrs Mo said, "I have never thought that my child's personality would improve after studying with Kumon."

Student Mo has been studying Kumon for seven years and his mother has witnessed improvement by leaps and bounds, even getting full marks in his English essay. But what surprises Mrs Mo is something outside academic improvement. “He used to get frustrated and lose his temper when he encountered difficulties, but Kumon teaches him to face difficulties and overcome them. The instructor and I will guide him to calm down and try again, find out what is wrong and progress step by step.” Today, when he encountered difficulties in learning, he was able to cope with them calmly, and when necessary, he also took the initiative to consult with his instructor. The right attitude together with improving ability will allow him to excel even further!


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