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Arrangements of the Resumption of Face-to-Face Classes in Kumon Education Centres

Thank you for your continuous support and trust to the Kumon Method of Learning! According to the latest EDB guidelines, we can finally resume Face-to-Face Classes starting from 19th April (Tuesday)! Let us welcome the new start of the new school year together!

Therefore, Kumon instructors may contact parents to arrange the resumption of face-to-face classes. Instructors may also re-arrange students’ class schedule to avoid crowd gathering and to minimise the risk of viral transmission. The final arrangement for the resumption of face-to-face classes may vary according to individual Kumon Education Centres’ operation. Please wait patiently for the notification from the instructor. Parents are also welcome to approach our instructors for the relevant arrangements.

All Kumon Education Centres will strictly put in place all the following preventive measures. Cooperation from parents and students are highly appreciated.

  1. Except for those exempted and students, all teaching and non-teaching staff, persons providing on-campus services and visitors, will be required to present vaccination records of at least the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine prior to their entry into Kumon centre premises, and use the mobile application to scan QR code for “LeaveHomeSafe” to each time they enter Kumon centre premises.
  2. At centre entrances, we will check the body temperature of all personnel, and urge them to disinfect their hands with 70%-80% alcohol-based handrubs before entering the centre.
  3. All personnel, including staff, students, parents and visitors, must wear face masks when they are in the centre.
  4. If any persons are found to have fever or have respiratory symptoms, they must not be allowed to enter the centre.
  5. Parents may conduct a rapid test of student before class. They are not allowed to enter the classroom with positive result and must notify the centre instructor in advance.
  6. To minimize the risk of infection, eating or drinking is prohibited inside the centre.
  7. We will clean the classrooms frequently, in order to ensure students can learn in a hygienic, clean and safe environment.
  8. We will ensure a proper social distance between students.
  9. For seating arrangements, we will maximize the use of space in classrooms to ensure proper physical distances among students.
  10. We will remind parents/students to avoid gathering at centre entrances when waiting to pick up their children/before start of lessons so as to minimize the risk of viral transmission.

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