Kumon China Annual Environmental Report 2020-2021

Given that climate action has been set as one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations, it is vital for us to take urgent actions collaboratively to combat climate change and its impacts. Recognizing the imperative need to achieve the SDGs, Kumon China (KCN) has been sparing no effort in conserving natural resources, preserving the natural environment, and implementing environmental education so as to make a sustainable society. The following describes the green actions which have been adopted by KCN associates between 2020 and 2021 and analyze the environmental data from 2019 to 2020 for general reference.

1. Saving Energy to Protect the Earth
Most power generation comes from fossil fuels, which cause air pollution and ocean acidification when burning. To provide a cleaner environment for our future generation and protect the earth, KCN Green Team has been endeavoring to heighten associates’ awareness on environmental protection by e-publishing green tips and sharing green news quarterly. The green tips for the second quarter of 2020, titled “Tracing the Sources of Environmental Problems – Light Pollution”, indicated how to prevent light pollution through saving energy and introduced the adverse impacts of light pollution on human health and the ecosystem. With a concerted effort, it is pleased to see that the electricity consumption of KCN reduced between 2019 and 2020, saving a total of 45,569 kWh.

A digital poster of green tips, titled “Tracing the Sources of Environmental Problems – Light Pollution”, was sent to all KCN associates for heightening their awareness of environmental protection.

2. Building Paperless Workplaces
While producing paper, not only are large amounts of trees cut down but also the problem of deforestation is caused, affecting the world’s biodiversity and increasing greenhouse gas emissions. We have been bearing the responsibility of making good use of technology to create a better paperless work environment. For instance, different kinds of online communication platforms, file hosting services, and synchronization services as well as personal information manager software have been utilized for information transferal and storage. Making good use of technology and taking other green actions helped KCN to significantly reduce its paper usage from 748,444 sheets in 2019 to 470,378 sheets in 2020, thereby reducing paper usage by approximately 37.2%.

Documents such as the monthly newsletters were sent to instructors through email to reduce paper usage.

3. Participating in Paper Recycling
Under the operation of KCN offices and warehouses, plenty of printouts are produced every day and will become wastepaper after use. It may lead to the problems of landfills and water pollution. Therefore, we have actively participated in paper recycling; for example, setting up a paper recycling box for collecting single-sided printouts and reusing them, placing paper recycling bags near the printers, and displaying paper recycling tips conspicuously at the offices. By taking these green actions, it is found that KCN recycled 2,396 kg of paper in 2020.

Two paper recycling bags have been placed near the printers in the office of Kumon Hong Kong (KHK).

4. Sowing & Placing Potted Plants
Generally, potted plants, such as Chinese evergreens, lucky bamboo, and snake plant, are used for decorating our workplaces. In fact, they can help freshen up the air, boost our mood, improve concentration, and more importantly lower the indoor temperature.

Plenty of potted plants have been sowed and placed on either the desks or in the public areas of the offices and the warehouses, like the photo below taken at Kumon Guangdong (KGD)’s office. Assisted by placing potted plants in the offices and the warehouses, KCN recorded low carbon dioxide emissions in 2020, which were around 153 tons.

Kumon Guangdong (KGD) has sown and placed potted plants in the staff lounge.

All in all, committed to corporate social responsibility, KCN will continually and proactively take plenty of green actions to protect our precious planet and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.