Kumon China Annual Environmental Report 2017-2018

Throughout the years, Kumon has committed to “discovering the potential of each individual and developing his or her ability to the maximum” and “contributing to the global community.” Educating children and developing their potential are our goals and we believe that children are our future. As we protect the environment and save the earth, we are actually protecting children’s future.

As we, Kumon China, strive to reduce waste and maximize the use of resources and are dedicated to carrying out the green concept throughout the office operation and design. At the same time, all associates among Kumon China take the initiative to protect the environment in their work and daily lives. Let us share our associated initiatives that Kumon China has implemented in environmental protection.

Environmentally Friendly —Save Energy
We are committed to reducing resource waste and energy consumption by conserving electricity. Kumon China associates start with doing small things, such as turning off the light while the room is not in use, setting the computer to “sleep mode” or turning it off while not at work, or turning off the screen while not using. These daily habits can make a great impact on conserving electricity day after day. In summer, the curtains are well used for separating the sunlight and reducing the office temperature, which takes less energy consumption in air-conditioning. Some offices increase the air conditioner temperature from 27 to 28 degree Celsius. Some warehouses also take an abundance of natural light by using floor-to-ceiling windows, which fewer lights are used during sunny days.

(Some warehouses decorate with floor-to-ceiling windows to increase natural light at the office)

Greening Around — Comfort Surrounds
Greening plays an important role at the office; it not only creates an environmentally friendly space but also brings fresh air into offices and education centers. Last year, each office has increased the number of green plants, in order to provide an environmental and comfortable office environment to everyone. With the encouragement from the offices, associates also began to decorate their desks with their own plants. In addition, offices also actively provide more green plants for the education centers as well, so children and Kumon instructors can work and learn in a comfortable green surrounding.

(More green plants are placed at the office)

Creative Method — Reallocation and Reuse
Kumon China associates continue using double-sided printing, and try to use recycled paper. Besides that, this year we are taking forward new initiatives for recycling and reuse. For example, offices work with local recycling companies to recycle papers, magazines, and process confidential documents. The batteries recycle box, plastic folder- reused box and stationery recycled box are placed at the offices. These initiatives promote the concept of recycling and recuse among associates.

(Collecting and reallocating all reusable folders and stationery)

Incorporate Environmentally Friendly Concept into a New Office
This year, Kumon China Regional Headquarters office and Kumon Hong Kong office were relocated. In the process of the renovation of the new office, we prioritized the establishment of an environmentally friendly office system that allows associates to work at a green office; at the same time, it helps in developing a sustainable system for the future. New office established a new set of the lighting system that is divided into multiple areas, which allows associates to turn on/off lights for the specific area depending on needs, and save the energy effectively. Furthermore, green slogan stickers are placed throughout the office, to encourage and remind associates to stay green.

(The lighting system is set to divide into the different areas, which can effectively avoid unnecessary electricity consumption)

We, Kumon China, believe that every green action is very important to our environment. In future operation, we will continue to raise the environmental awareness of our associates and implement more environmental protection measures, for contributing a better future for the world.