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Reinforcement of “Upper respiratory Tract Infection (URTI)” Prevention

In recent days, there have been outbreaks of URTI in many schools. All Kumon Education Centres will strengthen related preventive measures and pay close attention to the health of students. Our instructors will isolate students with symptoms of respiratory infections from other students and immediately contact the parents for picking up. For students come from a school that has been suspended due to a large-scale outbreak, our instructor will also advise parents to avoid bringing their children to the Kumon class to reduce the chance of virus spreading.

Meanwhile, our centres will strictly implement below preventive measures:

  1. The body temperature of all personnel will be checked and alcohol-based handrubs will be provided for hands disinfection before entering the centre.
  2. All personnel must wear face masks when they are in the centre.
  3. If any persons are found to have fever or have respiratory symptoms, they must not be allowed to enter the centre.
  4. To minimise the risk of infection, eating or drinking is prohibited inside the centre.
  5. We will thoroughly clean the classrooms after the dismissal of each batch of students.
  6. We will ensure a proper social distance between students.
  7. For seating arrangements, we will maximise the use of space in classrooms to ensure proper physical distances among students.

We will closely monitor the latest situation of URTI and cooperation from parents are highly appreciated. Parents are advised to visit our Kumon Facebook for the most updated news or arrangements.