Kumon China Annual Environmental Report 2015 – 2016

Since March 2011, Kumon China Green Team has carried out environmental protection work for five years. Adhering to the mission of “contributing to the human society”, Kumon China works closely with branch offices and achieves better results in saving resources and energy, promoting recycling and other environmental work. A series of daily promotional activities raise associates’ awareness of environment and enables Kumon China to contribute to environmental work.

First of all, let us review the environmental work that carried out by Kumon China this year.

1. Saving resources expenditure
For the sake of environmental protection, Kumon China has put a lot of effort in saving resources expenditure. When purchasing pens for employees, Kumon Guangdong is more inclined to buy pen refills rather than brand new pens. Kumon (Beijing) Trading’s warehouses employees bring their own cups, aimed at reducing the use of disposable cups.

2. Reducing energy consumption
After using electrical appliances, Kumon China associates are aware of turning them off timely. In addition, all kinds of electrical appliances are set to power-saving mode. Warehouse employees make the best use of daylight at work. During the daytime, they try not to use lights. Kumon Beijing, even in winter, does not use all the heating equipment, in order to save power. Kumon Hong Kong uses energy-saving lamps to reduce energy consumption.

3. Paper, stationery recycling
The use of many materials is unavoidable, such as printing necessary information, documents, used cartons during transportation. Kumon China recycles these materials. Kumon Shanghai reuses cartons; Kumon China (Regional Headquarters) and Kumon Guangdong collects event materials, such as tags, lanyards and retains for future activities. Kumon Guangdong keeps moon cake boxes and uses them as stationary containers. Kumon Hong Kong recycles paper printed on one side, and placed next to the printers, so that associates can easily pick up those recycling paper for printing. For paper products that cannot be reused, such as magazines and newspapers, offices collect them regularly and sell to recycle stations.

4. Raise employee’s awareness
The success of environmental work relies on staff with environmental awareness. In terms of raising awareness, offices put energy-saving reminder stickers at bulletin boards and related electronic equipment to remind employees to save energy. Kumon China (Regional Headquarters), Kumon Shanghai and Kumon Guangdong use WeChat to encourage employees to participate in the “Earth Hour” campaign.

By conducting the above work, Kumon China has seen good results in saving resources and energy consumption. Kumon China’s total electricity consumption was 93% of last year’s consumption. In the use of paper, the number of sheets used in Kumon China was 99% of last year’s volume, saving nearly 8,000 sheets of paper. The weight of recycled paper is about 1,897 kg, which is 101% of last year’s weight.

Environmental work is Kumon China’s long-term work. In the coming days, Kumon China Green team will spare no effort to learn from past experience and make use of excellent examples to facilitate environmental protection work, and harvest more significant effect!