Kumon China Annual Environmental Report 2016-2017

As an educational company, making contributions to protecting the environment is one of the sound ways to build a better world for children; we believe that the environmental resources conservation promotion and actions could fully be implemented into our business operations. Kumon China (KCN) has developed a range of initiatives that encourage associates to use energy wisely and reduce wastes. We are so proud that all associates have participated and contributed to building a greener working environment. The following sustainable practice in our operations, including making good use of energy and paper, reuse and recycling of materials, reduction of CO2 emission, and green promotion will continue to fulfill our mission as nurturing children.

1) Making Good Use of Energy and Paper
We continually monitor our electricity consumption and encourage associates to turn off the lights and electronic appliances when not in use. Compared with last year, our electricity consumption has been reduced from 212,751kWh to 211,555kWh this year, which is 0.6% decrease. Associates are now highly aware of the importance of energy conservation.

Following the revision of Chinese and Math learning materials, more paper is used in printing new learning materials and lectures notes. Although there is an increase of paper usage (from 797,790 sheets last year to 805,789 sheets this year, which is 1% increase), each office has taken different measures to minimize paper usage, such as sharing electronic documents, adopting double-sided printing.

2) Reuse and Recycling of Materials
KCN region has seen a significant increase in recycling; the total paper of recycling in this year is increased by 51.2% compared to last year. Besides, Kumon Shanghai and Kumon (Beijing) Trading also saved the used paper boxes and reused them while Kumon Shanghai relocated the office.

In order to reduce wastage of resources, Kumon Hong Kong reallocates the resources to make sure all materials are well-used and reused, such as stationery, folders, and spare souvenir. Those resources are shared with different departments and associates in need.

3) Reduction of CO2 Emission
Through our continuous effort, KCN has strived to reduce CO2 emission. We managed to cut CO2 emission from 162t-CO2 to 161t-CO2, which is 99.3% of the emission of last year. Kumon Guangdong and Kumon Beijing placed more potted plants in the office, to purify the indoor air.

4) Green Promotion
Using leaflets and brochures are unavoidable in promotional campaigns. However, as we strive to reduce waste, QR codes are printed on a portable banner and posters, and even on instructors and associates’ business cards. We believe that using QR codes can print less (less information on paper) and let readers read more (more information on the web); it is not only more convenient for our customers but also a more eco-friendly way to advertise.

At Kumon China, we believe that a more sustainable environment is imperative to maintaining a sustainable business. We also believe that it is our duty to manage our impacts on the environment responsively by raising awareness and consciousness among associates, in order to create a better world for children.